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HORIZON SOLUTIONS, offers complete IT solution and support assuring the level of certainty no other firm can match. Based on real practice for advanced technology and new business model, our expertise enables customer to maximize their IT infrastructure with their existing investment and gives advantage to stand in today’s competitive market.



Tremendous amount of data is generated in the course of business process. Data properly managed can be time and cost saving asset, leading to more insight of business. Horizon Solutions offers various services for the data management like:

  • Data Modeling- Database administration
  • Data conversion
  • Data Quality Management
  • Data Security
  • Data High Availability




Sound decisions mean sound business. Right decisions depend on information. Our BI experts will provide both support/admin operations and development of BI reports using Informatica, Microstrategy, Cognos to help you make get required information from data.



Software Engineering

Software Engineering Life Cycle (SDLC) is the best practice to get excellent software product. Our software engineers will ensure that the requirements are properly collected and the concept and strategies are translated into proper software development process.



Data Warehouse

Horizon Solutions expertise in data warehouse makes it easy for customer to treasure legacy data. Some of the best data warehouse experts are with us.  Our experts are experienced in developing datawarehouse including our key solution for Oracle Exadata machines for crunching those numbers. We make sure that your data is

  • Highly accessible and data friendly
  • Fast Retrieval of data and suggestion of Database appliance.
  •  Allows of informed decision making and forecasting.
  • Data Cleansing and optimized ETL.



Data Migration
We expertise in Data Migration and make it easier for clients to transfer the data.  Being every migration project unique, Horizon Solutions will provide clients the proper in-depth analysis that identifies specific problem areas and potential risks prior to the implementation. Our expertise will also help to address your concern regarding the of custom functionality and potential data collision.

  • Managed data migration process that minimizes risks
  • Expert analysis of legacy data and transfer options.
  • Flexible connectivity to your source and target systems
  • Optimal mapping of your data to the target systems
  • Verifiable data integrity from source to target